If you are coming as a foot passenger only, and your destination is Pierowall Village, you will probably need to catch the minibus from the harbourside. The bus will be waiting in the car park, but to ensure your place, please speak with the onboard steward who will be collecting the fares with his ticket machine. Tell him you want the bus and he will radio ahead to the bus driver that you will be needing him.

The bus travels all the way from the harbour to Gill Pier in Pierowall where you can catch the onward foot passenger ferry if you are travelling on to Papa Westray.

The Papay ferry will not leave until the bus gets there so don’t worry if there has been a delay.

If you want the bus to stop en route just speak to the driver as you get on and pay.

The bus can also go via the Skelwick shop area or later via the West Side.

You can make similar arrangements with the bus driver if you need to be picked up for your return journey.


Text the bus service to book your journey: 07789 034289 saying you need a pickup from and where you are going to.