1 West Westray Walk

Travel all the coast from Kirbest to Backarass on the west side and include the Noup Head Loop to complete the walk of 8.8km (5.5m)

2 Noup Head Loop

This route covers from Backarass up to the Noup Head lighthouse and RSPB bird reserve and back down to Backarass 6.4km (4m).

It is advisable to have two cars available when you do these two walks, the first to leave at Kirbest and the second to leave at the end of your walk at Backarass.

3 Kirk to Castle via Grobust

This 6km (3.7m) walk starts near Ladykirk in Pierowall and covers a circuit covering Noltland Castle, the archaeology at the Links of Noltland, Grobust beach and back to the kirk.

4 Tuquoy and Mae Sand

This walk is 3.6km (2.2m) from the Bay of Tuquoy to Cross Kirk and if extended to include the beach at Mae Sands it will be 6.2km (3.85m).

5 Castle o’ Burrian and Bay of Tafts

A short 1.2km (.75m) to the Castle o’ Burrian or extended to include Stanger Head and Bay of Tafts 5.5km (3.5m) circular walk.


Please note there are public toilets available in Pierowall village on the shore side opposite the school playing fields, at Gill Pier harbour and at Rapness ferry terminal.

We have prepared a handy guide to walking with your dog in Westray (PDF)