Eating Out

Westray is a small island with a small population of around 600. This figure changes a little in summer when we welcome visitors. The population limits the number of available opportunities for eating out so many visitors tend towards self catering or staying with families.

However, there are a few places that serve meals or snacks and the Pierowall Hotel in the village is open for lunches and suppers daily throughout the winter and summer months. Groatie Buckies café is situated in WI Rendall’s shop in the village and is open for light meals and tasty snacks throughout the day during shop until 4:30pm.

The Wheeling Steen Gallery on the way to the airfield offers hot drinks and frozen yogurt all year apart from January and February. Here you can take refreshment while enjoying Edwin Rendall’s artwork and photographs.

Down at Rapness Richan’s Retreat serves snacks and drinks from early morning to suit the incoming ferry and closes after the last ferry at night. Here you ill also be able to buy local arts and crafts.

On occasional Saturdays  throughout the year there will be a sale of work, jumble sale, book launch or just a fundraiser held in the community room in the school or in the Parish Kirk. To check up on these events notices will be posted in the shop windows or advertised in the island’s monthly newspaper What’s Auk Talk available from shops on the island.