Main industries

Westray’s main industries are farming and fishing. Added to this there is the ever-increasing tourism industry which is present during the Easter to end of August period. 

Other occupations 

Westray, being a large Orkney island, has a number of support industries. The care home, Kalisgarth, has teams of care workers and the doctor’s surgery supports both doctors and nurses.

The shops employ assistants and are always busy, especially in summer. Other support services include the school which employs teachers and teaching assistants. Adjacent to the school is the healthy living centre and swimming pool, all with attendant support workers.

The Westray Development Trust’s remit is to support the island and encourage sustainability, and employs three officers plus additional care assistants and gardeners.

It is generally said that there is no unemployment is Westray, just those that do not wish to work. Westray has often been said to be a busy, active, friendly island.