Using the Island Diary

Why do I need to Register?

We need you to register for an account before submitting events for a couple of reasons…

  • So that we have your email address to send submission confirmations to.
  • To prevent robots using the event submission form to insert Spam and other malicious code into the website.

Booking Conflicts

All event submissions are subject to approval and we will do our best to check that any submission that you make doesn’t conflict with a current booking for a given venue but we are only human and errors can slip through. In the event that an event conflict should crop up then the earlier booking will take priority and the subsequent booking will have to be cancelled. This is the fairest approach for all concerned and is why it is crucial that you check the availability of your desired venue prior to making a submission.

Viewing the Diary/Calendar

The calendar has three viewing options, Month (default), List and Day.